Hello all, and welcome to Niche Research Norad!

What you can find in this site

I created this site with the objective of helping on-line marketers find their way through the challenges modern market researchers face.

The fact that internet is growing at such a high pace, and the raise of web 2.0 properties where users share literally gigabytes of information daily offers a fantastic opportunity to access their thoughts and feelings, their desires and fears.

But, at the same time, this massive volume of data makes finding actionable information as daunting a task as finding a needle in a million haystacks.

Fortunately, there are resources and techniques that can be used to extract that knwowledge.

In my posts, reports and products I will strive to offer you comprehensive access to those resources, so that you can find your customers, understand them, and serve them better.

Isn't that the end goal of market research, in the end?