Help Your Subscribers Find Untapped Niches, That Will Make Them A Lot Of Money With Less Effort, By Discovering Will-Be-Hot Trends In Advance

Deep Funnel Including Recurring And High-Ticket Offers... And More Than $600 In Contest Prizes!

Launch June 18th, 2015 9.AM EST



Receive the info about the launch and be part of the contest


Hey there!

Mikel Perez along with my partner Inaki Ramirez and we will like to invite you to our launch.

We´re sure it will be one of the biggest launches in niche research ever. Not only it will give a great value to your customers but also we´ve got high comissions and great prizes.

Niche Prophet is a info product that will give to your customers the key to their future incorme. For more info and to get your links, read below



So, here´s How You´ll Make Money With Niche Prophet

FE. NICHE PROPHET. $7,95-$14,95

The initial offer is a report in which we teach how to identify short, medium and long term trends for easy traffic and profits. Your clients will be  able to identify not only untapped current niches, but also to prepare for the future creating virtual real assets that will gain value over time. There will be a early bird offer (2h at $7.95) , then 1 day special price  ($8.95), and after that, a dimesale ($8.95-$12.95). Always with 100% comissions.
The price will be 14,95 after the launch


In this 1st OTO they will be presented a recurring service in which they will receive a monthly analysis of a future niche.

They will have a $1 trial for the 1st week  in which they will receive the first study (So, in this 1st moth they will receive 2 niche studies  instead of 1). Later the price will be 14,95/mo always 50% comissions for 1 niche/month


No matter if your customers purchase or not the 1st OTO, your customers will be presented and offer with a niche research blueprint, that is a 10 module video series. This fits nicely with the F/E offer as it broadens and deepens the concepts explained there.

It will be sold as a dimesale going from $12,95 to $17 (50% comissions)


As an upsell and  downsell for the OTO2 they will be offered a 1-to-1, 1h coaching call to help th, refine their niche.

The price will be $97 with 25% comissions


As a downsell of the the personal coaching service a mail coaching service (instead of a Skype call) will be offered. Price will be $47 with 25% comissions


And Now the Contest You Have Been Waiting For:

1st Place- $300 (100 fe  Sales Minimum)

2nd Place- $150 (50 fe Sales Minimum)

3rt Place -$100 (25 fe Sales Minimum)

4th Place - $50 (15 fe sales Minimum)

5th Place - $25 (5 fe sales Minimum)

Plus There will be special prizes that will be comunicated during  the launch

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Today my friends Inaki Ramirez and Mikel Perez are releasing their new product, the “Niche Prophet”.

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In the more tha 60 pages of this incredible book they are showing (among a lot other things) how to get instant traffic from short-term trends, and why you have a lot to win and nothing to lose.

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With the “Niche Prophet” you will get surges of traffic to your site almost overnight by identifying spikes of searches even before they take place!

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Fresh tactics to identify profitable niches fast

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Today my friends Mikel Perez and Inaki Ramirez are releasing their new flagship product “The niche Prophet”.

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In “The Nich Prophet” you will learn:

  • How to get instant traffic from short-term trends, and why you have a lot to win and nothing to lose.
  • 7 different tools inside Google Trends that can help you come up with new niches you would have never thought of.
  • How to unveil the power of social media hashtags for research with these 6 free tools.
  • 8 places where you can find trend-spotting work done for you!
  • 5 techniques to get trend ideas in your leisure time.
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Today my friend Mikel Perez and Iñaki Ramirez are launching their new and fesh product, the “Niche Prophet”.

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