Another Seasonal Niche With Huge Volume Search!

Hello all!

Once again as I was snooping around some on-line catalogs I came up with an idea for a possible micro-niche and decided to investigate it.

(Note to self: write a post about shopping catalogs as a source of inspiration)

I found that it’s a seasonal niche, with searches that start growing in January, until July, when they reach their peak, and then start decreasing again.

So, it’s a great opportunity for you to use now if you have a related site, or start building a site and have it positioned for next year.

Besides, I’ve been thinking about larger niches where this micro-niche fits, and there are plenty of them, more on that later.

The important thing is, on average, just 5 keywords add up to 52,400 exact searches a month, the US being the country where the most searchs are generated:

Seasonal TrendsSo, what are these keywords and what is the micro-niche?

The micro-niche is products related to keeping mosquitos out of your life, here are the 5 most searched for keywords:

  1. mosquito repellent – 22,200 exact montly searchesMosquito
  2. mosquito magnet – 14,800 e.m.s.
  3. mosquito control – 8,100 e.m.s.
  4. mosquito trap – 5,400 e.m.s.
  5. mosquito spray – 1,900 e.m.s.

Of course, you may not want to try to rank for these exact keywords, but you can use them as a base for finding longer tail keywords.

The question now is, what are the niches whose audience may be looking for these keywords?

(If you think these keywords are a niche, I advise you to read my posts “the big niche selection lie” and “so, what is a niche market“).

Just out of the top of my head, here are some:

  • People who live or go on vacation to places near lakes, swamps or rivers.
  • Campers, hunters, fishers… any people interested in outdoor activities.
  • People who are allergic to bug stings, or have some immunity defficiencies.
  • Travellers who are planning a trip to a place where mosquitos are very extended, like tropical countries, islands or, again, places near water sources.

So, you could build a micro-niche site completely focused on these keywords, or use them to add a new “cluster” of content posts to a larger site if you have one or are planning to build one.

The fact is, there are lots of physical and CPA offers to promote related to avoiding mosquito bites, so you can definitely monetize such content.

Hope you liked this “seed” idea, and expand on it.

Let us know what you think below!