Done-For-You “Over The Counter” Niche Research Upgrade Package

As I told you before, this was not a one-day project.

I covered a lot of ground, and I dug deep.

And I can now share the results of my treasure-hunt with you.

This package is an extension of the gastro-intestinal conditions research into 10 additional niches.

Here are the new niches you can have access to if you act now:

  • Respiratory diseases: 58 new brands of Over The Counter medications used to treat conditions like cough, cold, allergies, asthma, chest & nasal congestion...
  • Diabetes: 28 medication brands for symptoms of this (currently) uncurable disease, like diabetic cough, neuropathy, the need for artificial sweeteners, etc.
  • Ocular conditions: 23 brands that offer anything from artificial tears to ophtalmic antihistamines.
  • Pain an inflammation: Could there be a crowd any hungrier than those suffering from a constant pain? In this section you will have insiders access to the 38 products most frequently used to treat headaches, arthritis, mesntrual pain...
  • Ear conditions: Maybe not as pressing as those above, but earache and excessive ear wax can be a serious problem. That can be treated using products from these 4 brands.
  • Oral health: 42 brands sell products to treat conditions like toothache, cold sores, or dry mouth, among others.
  • Sleep conditions: Not being able to sleep and rest can be unnerving. Patients can solve their sleep problems with these 10 product brands.
  • Skin conditions and skin care: Antiseptics, rash treatment, antifungals, scar treatments, wart removers and more can be found in this list including 94 different OTC remedies.
  • Hair conditions: 11 brands that manufacture products used to treat lice and dandruff.
  • OTC supplements: And, finally, the 64 most common OTC supplement brands. Fiber, vitamins, magnesium, and almost any other dietary supplement.
OTO Done For You OTC Niche Research Upgrade

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Mikel Perez & Inaki Ramirez