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"Revealed: Step-by-Step Blueprint Shows How To Identify The Perfect Niche That Fits You Like A Glove And Brings Profits While You Enjoy The Research Process Like a Child"

You will not see market research explained this way anywhere…

By now, you know that the traditional niche research advice of going blindly into your keyword research tool and trying to find a niche, or just going with your passion are just paths to failure.

And you know that trend marketing is one of the best alternatives to the frustration of not coming up with any viable niche.

But, where does trend marketing fit into a broader niche marketing strategy?

Is it enough (yes) or can it be taken to a next level? (again, yes!)

And, going even further...

Is there such thing as a "niche research strategy"?

Of course there is!

Look, only with trend marketing you can success and make a substantial income. You could be content and do nothing else.

But there's a way to take it to the next level and embed your trend marketing inside a broader niche marketing strategy that yields 10x as much revenue.

Yes, with eggs you can make a delicious omelett.

However, with eggs, you can also make a cake.

But for the cake you also need flour.

And sugar, and more.

But you also need to know the right proportions of them, and you must know how to mix them and how to bake them.

We want to show you the "whole recipe" of a successful niche research process

We feel the need to finally explain how niche research should be done, from beginning to end.

No ingredients ommited.

No step taken for granted.

Because we want you to succeed, enjoy the process, and at the end come up with one or more niches that will bring in profits, and be some that you really like working on.

That's  why we created...

The "Niche Research Masterclass"

The "Niche Research Masterclass" is a comprehensive, in-depth video training where we teach you everything you need to know about market research, in a step-by-step fashion.

More specifically, here's what we will cover:

Introduction to Niche Research as a process


Researching a niche is not performing a single task like "find a product with gravity over 15 in ClickBank", as some may want you to believe.

It's a structured process, and in this module we will be introducing the process itself as a foundation for the next modules:

  • We'll understand what the process is, and why we do things in a somewhat counter-intuitive way.
  • We'll see why niche research must be an iterative process.
  • I'll tell you what essential tools you need for coming modules (hint: you already have all of them).

The Rich Researcher's Mindset


"The what?"

Yes, as I said we do things in a completely different way to what you're accustomed to seeing in Niche Research courses.

And mindset, my friend, is the first piece of the puzzle.

But this will not be a lot of mambo-jumbo where we interlace our hands and sing kumbaya.

We'll do some serious thinking and take real actions and we'll:

  • Start by explaining why, to select a niche, the first thing you have to research is... yourself!
  • See what kinds of niches you could and which ones you must not pursue based on your beliefs.
  • Clarify the impact your desire to interact with others has in the niche you pick.
  • Likewise with the two main "thinking styles". If you pick the worng niche for your style, you're doomed!

Niche Brain-perfect-storm


This module is the cornerstone of the program. Once you understand this, you will never struggle to pick the right niche again.

  • We'll start by analyzing what a niche REALLY is (not what you've been told)
  • You'll learn several ways to brainstorm possible niches using just free tools
  • We'll show you the "triad" of characteristics a perfect niche should have for you to make profits and enjoy it
  • And we'll start filtering out the list of possible niches right away

No Sweat Niche Gold-digging


Based on the list of possible niches you already have by this point, we'll start digging into them.

Digging deep.

This way:

  • You will be able to identify possible sub-niches inside bigger markets.
  • We'll see how your audience has already done the work for you, you only need to know how to find it and read between the lines!
  • We'll show you an array of tools (most free, some paid) to dig like a gold mine tycoon... without even breaking a sweat!

Customer Avatar Mastery


You can't succeed online if you don't understand who your potential customers are.

In this module:

  • We will introduce the concept of a customer avatar, and why it's crucial for your success
  • You will learn several resources where you can find out about the demographics of your market
  • Also, you will understand what a "customer psychograpic profile" is, and how to use it in your marketing materials
  • And finally, we will write a description of your ideal customer.

The Buyers' Undercover Psychologist


This is a point often left out in many niche research trainings.

However, get this wrong and all your efforts to make money will be in vain!

  • We will explain the 4 phases of the buyer's cycle, and in which ones you should "intercept" your customers
  • You will understand why in some niches most of the visitors never get past the first two, and if you target them you can get lots of traffic but no revenue whatsoever.
  • We'll see how to identify niches where prospects are at the last stages of the cycle, credit card in hand.
  • And of course, we'll show you plenty of resources and tricks to get this information for free

The Smart Researcher's Site Design


No, we're not speaking of "graphic design" here.

We're talking about monetization model selection, site concept and structure, and also its scope.

  • Based on the business models presented in the previous module, we will determine the type of content that best matches each of them
  • Should you build a thin site, an authority site, or something in between? We'll analye the pros and cons of each option
  • We will also discuss the extended idea of a "niche blog empire", and in which circumstances it's a good strategy... and in which it can be a nightmare!

The Profits Equation Without Rocket Science


Making money online should be treated as a business. And any business should be run by numbers.

But we will make it so easy that you won't need to be an accountant or a scientist to understand the profits equation.

Your phone's calculator will be more than enough!

  • First, we'll introduce some basic terminology that will be useful for you for the rest of your career: CTR, EPCs, Conversion Rates...
  • You will understand how they apply to each business model, and how to lay out scenarios of potential earnings for your niche sites
  • Based on that, you will be able to determine the number of visitors you will need to receive in your site(s) to be able to live off of your niche sites

Many people skip this step and go blindly inside a niche, only to find out that all their efforts only yield chump change.

That will not be your case!

Keyword Research Mastery


What? Keyword Research at the end of the course?

Yes, I told you in the beginning we do things in a different way.

Most marketers start their process by looking for keywords, and let me tell you, unless you already knew the niche deeply in advance, this will only cost you sweat and tears.

In this module:

  • We will teach you how to do keyword research the smart way, based on all the discoveries and insights from previous modules
  • You will learn which types of keywords to look for, and which ones to avoid like the plague, depending on your business model and customer avatar
  • We will, once again, present you with free and the best -in our experience- keyword tools available in the market. Don't waste money in useless tools!

Advanced Keyword Research Mastery


And finally, we will go one step further in your keyword research process, teaching you some advanced keyword research tricks:

  • Why fretting over a particular keyword's volume is a big mistake
  • The concept of "keyword stacking" for BIG traffic and how to implement it in your site's structure
  • Advanced keyword discovery tips, tricks and tools most marketers don't even know about. You will dominate your niche if you apply this!

No other niche training course in the market that we know of is so comprehensive, and created from a "real business" perspective.

As it is a process, as we've mentioned several times, we will be publishing one module every couple of days, so that you have time to go through the videos, do the suggested exercises, and be ready for the next one.

Trust us, this is the best way to lead you to success!

Here's what the Niche Masterclass will do for you

  • It will give you a business context for your niche research process, so that you don't do things just because someone told you so, but because you understand why each task is important.
  • As virtually no one else is teaching -or doing- niche research this way, it will set you miles ahead of other marketers, and allow you to dominate your niche like you never dreamt possible.
  • You will be able to determine if a niche will yield enough profits for you, and never waste time creating sites you will not benefit from
  • As you will understand the process, you will be able to evaluate if a niche research tool is a good fit for you, thus making only wise investments in the future
  • Not only that, as a smart marketer that understands the overall picture you will be able to incorporate your own tweaks into the process knowingly, to make it even more apt to your needs
  • And finally, as so few people know how to do this right, once you master ityou could even start offering consulting services to other marketers for big sums of money, adding a substantial revenue stream to your bottom line

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