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We'll take you by the hand and help you pick or refine the niche you want to target in this unique, one-on-one niche research coaching

By now, you have lots of techniques in your arsenal to come up with niche ideas.

However, we know that picking the right niche can make or break your success and -especially when you're new to Internet Marketing- you may still have doubts, even be scared about whether you've made the right decission.

We get it, we've been there ourselves.

Also, if you want to research a niche in-depth to find suitable keywords, you may have to invest heavily in Keyword Research software you may not have at your disposal.

So, we've decided to go one step ahead, so that you:

  • Can receive a "second -informed- opinion" by niche research experts, and either validate a good niche idea, or reject a risky one.
  • Have someone by your side to guide you when digging further inside your niche to find the low-hanging-fruit.
  • Hear new ideas you might have not considered in regards to your niche selection.
  • Have your keywords analyzed by us thanks to our vast array of keyword research tools.
  • In summary, rest assured that you're making a good decission when picking your niche, and eliminate insecirity and fear.

Here's how the process will work when you invest in our niche-research coaching

We have designed this process so that both you and us can make the most of our time together, and can offer you the most value:

  • As soon as you claim your spot in our one-to-one-coaching, you will receive some brief instructions and a form for you to fill in with details about possible niches you are considering.
  • When we receive your form, we will start working and doing some screening of your niche(s), and reply back to you with some questions if needed.
  • Then, we will schedule a 45' Skype call with you where we discuss your niche, possible ideas and alternatives, and give you our honest professional advice.
  • Finally, after the call, we'll do a post-screening analysis and send you a detailed report with the highlights of our conversation and a deeper analysis of keywords you can target.

When the whole process is finished, you will have a niche you can target with confidence, a clear understanding of it, and even a list of keywords analyzed by us for you to focus your efforts on.

Do any conditions apply?

Only two conditions, which you will easily understand:

  • No adult niches, no illegal drugs, substances or activities, or firearms.
  • If, after receiving your form filled in, we decide we won't be able to offer you a tremendous value, we will refund all your money. But after we've had our Skype call and sent you the post-session report, all the sales are final.

Here's how you can claim your spot in our coaching

Before I tell you how you can reserve your spot, let's recap what you're getting:

  • A pre-screening by us of the niche ideas you're considering. (Worth $47)
  • A 45' one-on-one Skype session with us. (Worth $100)
  • An analysis of potential keywords done by us using our keyword tools. (You'll save $250+ in KW tools, not considering your time)
  • Our personalized report on your niche and keywords. (Worth $47)
  • And the peace of mind of knowing you've made the right decision when picking your niche. (Priceless!)

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