Position yourself to profit from this growing trend

Snooping around the interwebs I came upon this product-based niche, with an average of 40,500 monthly phrase searches.

Not only that, it shows an increasing demand over time:


Its moderately competitive, so you could find your way to rank for the main term in the niche if you know your way around SEO.

Besides, I have been able to find more than 150 longer tail keywords, most of them with exact match domains still available.

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The main term for this niche, and the one for which I obtained the data shown above is “best protein powder”.

As said, it has an average search volume of 40,500 phrase searches (22,500 exact match) and is most searched for in Australia, the US and Canada.

The competition for the main search term, as reported by Market Samurai is not overly strong, I think reaching position #3 could be easily attainable:


From and on-page SEO perspective, only one page in the top 10 is fully optimized for that keyword; and from an off-site SEO perspective 7 of the results have less than 40 backlinks pointing to that page.

Not only that, this is only the main keyword, but one you get into the realm of closely related longer-tail keywords, you will find some gems with even weaker competition, and lots of exact match domains available (click to see a larger version in a new window):


And ys, I double-checked with NameCheap and bestproteinpowderformen.com, .org and .net are available at the time of this writing. Lots of golden nuggets there, ready for you to tackle!

By the way, if you wonder which tool I used to get the data in the last screenshot, it’s called Ultimate Niche Finder, and since I discovered it, it has become a key component in my arsenal, I may write a review about it onee day, but check it out now if you are interested, as its power is massive.

I hope you liked the niche, and encourage you to position yourself there, now that the trend is growing!

Let us know what you think below!