Two Useful Resources To Gather Research Info From Facebook

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Facebook is one of the favorite topics in relation to Internet Marketing.

It is too for niche research, though it’s not mentioned so often in this realm.

I decided to look for resources that could point me to topics that are hot, or trending, on Facebook, and I found a couple of sites that may really be helpful if you want to get ideas for your niche sites. And I’ll tell you what ideas I’m getting below, after introducing you to the sites.


The first one is, a site with different content centered on Facebook: news, services, events, etc.

But the option that really matters the most if you are doing market research is the Page Stats section.

It allows us to access two views of top-notch information:

  • Top Pages: Apart form the global list, which in itself wouldn’t be of much use, you can click on the “View More” link, and you will be taken to a new page where you can see the top pages by category. Of course, most of the pages on this list are the “usual suspects”, namely big brands or celebrities. Anyhow, it’s can be really useful to check those pages in the categories most closely related to your niche.
  • Fastest Growing Pages: This is an invaluable resource, where you can find some real gems. Some of the biggest brands, authors, etc, will also appear here, because their audiences are not only enormous, but usually growing strong. But you can also find some smaller or newer pages that are growing fast, in spite of still not having huge amounts of followers.


The second site is

In essence, the information they give is similar to the previous case, with a nice added twist:

  • World Leading Pages: Equivalent to the Top Pages in AllFacebook, and it also has the ability to dig deeper by categories. The cool “extra feature” of this site is that it gives you timely information, detailing how many fans have been added to each of the pages in the last hour, six hours and one day, on top of the global data.
  • Fast Growing Pages: Once again, it is what it says 😉 You can also filter them by category, and in this case it allows you to look for the fastest growing pages in the last day, 3 days, 7 days, which in my opinion gives this site an advantage over AllFacebook, that only offered a single view. If you browse through these values, you will find different pages depending on the time range.

How Can You Use this Information?

As I said, this is invaluable information to me, I’m still digging through it for some of the niches I’m targeting, and I feel I’ve only scratched the surface.

Here are just some of the uses I’ve came up with off the top of my head:

  • Trend-spotting: Looking at the fastest growing pages section in different categories, you can detect trends early, and start building your sites, Facebook pages or communities around them. This can be especially useful in categories like movies, tools, supplements, electronics, or games (imagine being one of the first to know about Farmville, do you think you could have monetized that?).
  • Increasing your authority status in your niche: Do you think you have something to offer to your community? Well, then engage in conversations in the top pages for that niche, and add value there; you will surely attract visitors to your profile or your Facebook page.
  • Modelling what is working: And I chose the word “modelling” on purpose, as being a plain copycat won’t likely make you look authentic. If some pages are getting a huge success, you can surely get some ideas from them, and model it. You can even do this for pages outside of your niche, maybe you can be the first one in the gardening niche to apply some ideas you got from the gaming or electronics niche and increase your fanbase. Are theyorganizing events or contests? Are they giving information away for free in exchange for a like or follow? How often do they post in their walls? Do they use video, pictures, or text? You name it, if there’s someone doing it and it’s working, you can apply it to your campaigns.
  • Building your customer Avatar: visit the top and the fastest growing pages in your niche, and see what people care about, what they say, what their mood is, what specific language they use in that niche, etc. That is, know your audience. This is, after all, the key to success.

Those are the things I’m thinking of doing with this goldmine. Can you think of something else you may use that information for?

Just let me know in the comments below!

Let us know what you think below!