The big niche selection lie: believing it can cost you thousands

I’m in a weird mood today after struggling with several conflicting plugins, so I’ve decided to write something that is half an article, half a rant.

See, ever since I started learning about Internet Marketing, and of course much earlier than I started doing it, I’ve heard this kind of advice in numerous courses.

The details vary depending on whether the “guru” is selling a course on how to be an Amazon Super-Affiliate, or a Clickbank Ninja, a WSO Afiliate Emperor, or whatever crazy title they want to give it.

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It all starts with “Finding your niche is easy, just…” and then:

  • “Look for a product with x number of 4 star reviews over 100$”
  • Or… “Visit the Clickbank Marketplace and choose a product with a payout over 20$ and gravity over x”
  • Or… “Sign up as a W+ or JVzoo or Digiresults affiliate, and look for offers with low refunds and EPCs over 1.5$”
  • Or… “In the Google Keyword Tool, look for a keyword with X monthly searches, less than Y competing pages, and CPC close or over 1$”
  • Or… “Just think about something you’re passionate about”

And then they conclude: “That will be your niche. OK, let’s build a site and start SEOing it and yada-yada”


You know what?

I call bullshit!!

One physical product is not a niche, it’s a product, and the same thing happens with an info-product like those for sale on Clickbank.

A keyword is not a niche, it’s just a keyword. What you like is not (or in this case, may or may not be) a niche, it’s just something you enjoy.

And if you want to start a business, or a whole marketing campaign, based on one of those erroneous ideas, you will at least be limiting your ability to grow big, or plainly tying a rope around your business neck in the worst case.

So, what is a niche then?

Well, I’ll leave that for the next post, as there are quite a few things to talk about in that respect.

Meanwhile, I’d like to hear your opinion, have you heard some of these advice before? What do you think a niche is?

Edit 05/21/2012: I have written a post with my take on what a niche is, as a continuation to this post. You can read it here.

Let us know what you think below!